Join us as we pray the Rosary for Maine and America!

Our Public Rosary Program is now in it's 3rd Year. 

We will continue our Rosary Rally Programs for 2019

We have other things planned so stay tuned!  

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Help us to Continue Our Mission

Maine Needs Fatima continues in our efforts to spread the messages Of Our Blessed Mother. We believe that The Blessed Mother (Our Lady of Fatima) will truly help the world and it's people should we choose to follow her instruction. There is only one way to save mankind, and it’s through prayer.

In order to touch more souls, Maine Needs Fatima uses a multitude of tools such as word of mouth, color printed inserts, websites, social media (twitter, YouTube, Google+, facebook, advertising, and even radio. We also use specialized equipment and software for our audio/visual and streaming efforts. Our layout design work, Audio/Visual editing, and printing is all done in house.

Update on Our Plans for Tommorrow

Update: March 9th, 2019 - It is our intention to register Maine Needs Fatima as a non-profit, and to apply for a 501c(3) status. We have selected our Board of Directors with like minded individuals who share our love for Our Blessed Mother, and need to send out the appropriate letters as we move forward with the required legal process to continue with our Ministry.  Please pray for our success!

Your Generosity

Any donation, in any amount is welcome in helping to defray our costs for this worthwhile mission.

Thank you and God Bless.