If you are reading this, Facebook has probably deactivated our account again.

For some reason, the folks at facebook appear to believe that a christian facebook page that encourages publicly praying the rosary is "suspicious activity".

One day, we may yet have a facebook page for you to enjoy. Until then, please pray for the individuals at facebook that keep deactivating our account, and contact us through our website, Twitter, Google+, or other social media that accept our belief in God, or just give us a call directly at 207-615-0575.

Also - please like our website on YOUR facebook accounts!

God Bless

Maine Needs Fatima

Held on Saint Annes Front Lawn  and accros the state

299 Main St, Gorham, Maine 04038, United States

Mailing address:

266 Foreside Rd, Falmouth, Maine 04105, United States

Other Locations can be found on our Calendar of Events

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Phone:     1-833-8-FATIMA (1-833-832-8462)


E-mail: help@maineneedsfatima.org

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We can currently be reached on Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Facebook. 

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Contact Us.  Volunteer.   We can't do it without you!

Over the next few months, thousands of people across the country will pray the rosary together and publicly. Please join us, and volunteer if you can. If you have a question, feel free to ask!


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Our 8th Year!

SAturday June 15th

Coming in June in Gorham and Machias 

More details to follow


Google+ is no longer available however we can now be found during a Google search as a "Google Business" listing. 



Our Rosary Rally Locations

Saint Annes of Gorham has been kind enough to allow us to host our Rosary Rally right here on the front lawn!

We will also be hosting Rosary Rallies across the state of Maine as we grow our Ministry! 

Bring a friend.