Participate Right Here In Maine


If you're close to Gorham Maine, we'll be having a rosary rally every month in celebration of each apparition of Our Lady.

At our first Rally on May 13th 2017, over 100+ participants came from all over the state.  

Not Catholic? Never prayed the rosary? No problem. We'll have rosaries, and lots of information for anyone interested. We even plan to stream the event live for those who can't attend in person.

Are YOU devoted to Our Blessed Lady's Immaculate Heart?   <click here to learn more>

Would YOU and your family like to have a "Fatima In-Home Visitation?   <click here find out how>

Will YOU help with our ministry of spreading our Blessed Mother's message to all mankind?   <click here to volunteer> 

Join us as we usher in the 2nd Century promoting the messages of Our lady of Fatima 

America Needs Our Lady of Fatima


Lets face it, regardless of your political views, our country needs help. 100 years ago, Our Lady appeared 6 times on the 13th of each month with a message to the world.

Only with the power of prayer, can our world be healed. Join us as we publicly pray the rosary.

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It is an understatement to say that 2020 has been an interesting year so far.  I don’t think too many of us can remember a year with so much uncertainty and turmoil.  But as always God is in charge, and He has told us many times either directly or though his priests, “Be Not Afraid, I Go Before You Always”.  That is Very comforting. 

Here at Maine Needs Fatima we have been very busy with live streaming masses at Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the audio for parking lot/deck masses at St. Anne’s.  It has been a learning opportunity to be sure!  In some respects, I think God is preparing us for something special.  Only time will tell.

Our First Rosary Rally was delayed and Live Streamed Only.  Our 2nd Rally will be in the parking lot of St. Anne’s -  properly socially distanced -  and will not include a procession through Gorham.  We shall see how the other four Rosary Rallies will be structured.  I am hopeful we will be able to have something close to normal for July – October. 

Regardless, it is clear to me as it is to many of you, that Our Lady told us of these times.  They precede the Victory of her Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  And What could be better than that?!  Nothing!

Although our Rosary Program has

Concluded for 2020, Please visit Our CAlendar Page

for Other events Here in Maine. Our Prayers NEVER STOP

Thank You Everyone for your generous Support!

Looking for Live-streamed Masses for Sebago Lakes Region Parishes ?<click here>


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Thank you all once again for attending our Rosary Rallies, Processions, And events During our 4th year as Maine Needs Fatima.

We Continue to be involved with Events across Maine so Please visit our Calendar Page for More information


Our Lady Of Fatima Statue is here for 2020 !  

Important Links for 2020 - click button to learn more

Are you ready to witness a miracle?

After 5 previous visitations by Our Blessed Mother, on October 13th, 1917, approximately 70,000 people gathered and witnessed a miracle in Fatima, Portugal. Today, over the next 6 months, thousands of individuals will join together across the country, to publicly pray the rosary to our Lady of Fatima. We cannot promise you that the sun will dance as it did over 103 years ago, but we can promise you a warm welcome, and by faithfully and seriously praying the rosary, miracles WILL happen in your own lives. Learn about the message Our Lady gave to all of us. Join us each month as we pray the rosary publicly in front of  Saint Annes Church in Gorham Maine.   


Our Lady of Fatima's Story and message


Despite great interest in the Message of Our Lady of Fatima, many people still have only a confused or sketchy understanding of her messages. 

Follow these links to learn more.

It has never been more important to draw closer to Jesus with his Mother as our guide and tutor.  With that in mind, the beautiful Fatima Statue is available for home visitations.  If you are feeling isolated or anxious, a home visitation may provide you with some comfort and peace.  Please send us an email on this website if you would like to schedule a visit.

The First Five Saturday Masses are temporarily suspended at St. Anthony of Padua.  Let us all pray they will be available soon.

Please check out the MaineNeedsFatima calendar for events in the area.  If you learn of events and would like them posted on our calendar please reach out to us at 207-615-0575 or on the website. Or just say "Hello" when you see us at Church or out and about. 

We hope you will be able to join us in 2020

May God Bless You Abundantly!

Ellen, Your Rosary Rally Captain is proud to announce that  "Our Lady Of Fatima" statue will remain in Maine for the 2020 season.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful statue to share here in the state.  TFP (The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property) Director John Horvat II said "Our Lady chooses where she wants to be. Right now, her stature wants to be with the people in Maine" 

Having such a wonderful statue of Our Lady can't be hidden in only one home, she really needs to be shared, and she is available for home visits, events, and rallies throughout Maine while we have her.  

Would you like to have a "Fatima Home Visitation" right here in Maine?

An In-Home visitation can be a life changing experience. We know from personal experience the calming effect "Her" presence had in our home. <click here to to learn more>  or Send us an email or give us a call, and we'll do what we can. <Click here for our contact us page> .

You can also reach out to America Needs Fatima and request one of their home visitations.  Since 1997, America Needs Fatima volunteers, referred to as “Fatima Custodians,” travel our country bringing a number of Fatima statues into homes, showing an audio-visual presentation on the apparitions and message of Our Lady of Fatima and teaching people how to pray the Rosary. At the end of each presentation, a Rosary is prayed with all present and then participants enjoy a period of time of conversation and sometimes refreshments offered by the host. Every year these fervent Custodians visit an average of 2,500 homes.